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How to prepare for your newborn session?

Your baby will change daily during the first few weeks of life, therefore it is so important to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. The best time to take the photos of your newborn baby is from 5 to 14 days after they are born.
In these early days, babies are less alert, sleep easier,more flexible to allow for easier posing and they enjoy curling up.


When to book you photo session?
You can provisionally book your appointment by your due date. Once your baby arrives, simply give me a call to confirm or reschedule (if needed) your booking date and time. 

How to prepare?
Your baby needs to be fully asleep to get the most out of the session. I advice to fully feed your baby 30min before the photoshoot. That gives your baby time to settle and fall asleep during your journey to the studio. 
Also, please dress your baby in a loose, preferably zipped pyjama/jumpsuit. The photography session can begin immediately this way without waking up your baby while undressing.
I provide newborn outfits and photo props but feel free to have something of your own you would like to use at the photo session. Also have a dummy on hand as it may help to sooth your baby during the photoshoot, few spare nappies, baby wipes and a blanket.

Sibling/Family Photos?
Please let me know if you decide to get a sibling or/and family portrait beforehand. These images are usually taken at the beginning of the photo session. The siblings are then free to go so we have a nice quiet studio to proceed with photographing your new baby.

During the photoshoot...
The studio is kept very warm for the comfort of your newborn baby, so please wear light clothes.

The full newborn photo session takes around 3 hrs.

This ensures enough time to change your baby into different outfits, cuddle and to take necessary feeding breaks. Please do not book any activities immediately after the session to avoid rushing and stressing. 

Babies always come first! If you are not comfortable with a certain poses, please let me know. You are always around to hold & support the baby and to calm him/her when needed.

Do you have the props & outfits?
I have a wide range of outfits, props and backgrounds to choose from. Therefore if you have any colour/setup preferences, please let me know beforehand so I know what to prepare for your arrival. 

Can I bring my own props? 
Yes! Of course you can and I even encourage families to bring anything that has a special meaning for you.
Every family has a story to tell, and some love to incorporate their story or history into the newborn photos.

How do I get the images?
I pick the best 5 or 10 images (depending on your package) and edited them. It normally takes around a 1 - 1,5 week before the digital versions are available to download. If there are more beautiful images outside your package, I will let you to preview them and decide whether you would like to purchase them extra. 
The printed copies can be collected at the studio.

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